“Coffee Break Raffle”

The Coffee Break Raffle was conceived by Bro. David Kiwanuka, who was touched by Fr. Alfred Okelo’s mission of rescuing and caring for Ugandan orphans who had been forced to become child soldiers. Br. David came to the council asking for help and we advised him to that the council will assist in a raffle of a gift basket called the “coffee break” raffle.

Tickets for the raffle were to be sold over two weekends and the entire profits were to be sent to Fr. Okelo in Uganda to the benefit of the Rechele Comprehensive Secondary School, of the Northern Uganda-Lira Diocese.

As Fr. Au was away on Sunday, we had Fr. Claude pick the winner after the Noon mass, witnessed by a number of parishioners as well as Knights. The winner of the Raffle was ticket: 259409.

The net proceeds for this raffle was $250.00 and this will be sent to Fr. Okelo.

Here is a letter of thanks from Father Okello:

Dear Father Richard Au and the Brother Knights of the KoC St. Joseph’s Council 9846,
I am happy to inform you that I have received your kind donation of Canadian $250 (Uganda shillings 550,000). I thank all those who sacrificed to raise the funds and endeavored to make me receive it.
Brother Knights, I am so grateful to you for thinking of my mission work, and especially for the school that I am heading.This is a very welcome and blessed donation at this time of the academic year. I will let the students, teachers and the school board members know about it and I am sure they will appreciate very much your generosity. We do not have anything to do for you but we will pray that God may continue blessing you in so many ways, especially as you serve His people that are in your care. Thanks for making contributions to our school.
To the parishioners of St. Joseph, Port Moody, I thank you for the short but memorable and wonderful time that I spent with you last August. All of you were so kind and good to me. I learnt a lot from you within the short time. Thanks for what each one of you did for me. May you keep up the spirit. I request you to continue praying for me and my mission.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year, 2014.
Thank you,
Fr. Alfred Okello

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