So the Star was built, but we had run out of time to get it ready for mass the previous week. Over the week, brother Brian and John painstakingly painted the base and star in the portable, which had heat to help the paint dry.

Today (Dec 7th), brothers Rome, Edmund, Patrick, John, Justin, Zeus, Sam and Mark showed up at 9.30 am to help with putting the finishing touches to the Star AS WELL as begin building the Christmas Crib, in time for 5.30 pm Saturday mass!! It was bitterly cold in Father Au’s garage…felt like minus 10 or lower. With the help of Autocad drawings by brother Sherwin, we made short work of the manger itself, using hinges and building slots to allow for  easy disassembly of the manger so that it can be stored flat.

Meanwhile brothers Rome and Edmund retreated to the portable, which was heated (smart guys!) to affix the bulbs to the star. This was easier said that done, as it was discovered that many holes were just too small, so they had to widen them…the small holes…all 155 of them! The Christmas Star is up, and in the midst of the Christmas concert practice, we managed to get the Crib up and fully dressed in time for mass too!

Brothers, you should be proud of yourselves. Through your actions, you practiced the three main principles or our order. Charity – you gave of your time, and effort all for the selfless task of raising funds for the disaster victims as well as SVDP. Unity – we worked together under difficult conditions with perfect harmony. And of course, there was a LOT of fraternity in action that cold morning and afternoon and as GK, I will have to say that I am proud to stand alongside my brothers Knights of Council 9846 as we worked extremely well together as a TEAM!

Vivat Jesus brothers!! Now enjoy the pictures!

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