Oh what a wet and rainy day it was! But still, the eager and fresh faces of the 1st Holy Communicants, their enthusiasm and the devotion of the parishioners to Our Blessed Mother won through it all. Ushers brother Rome Saratan and Justin Loewen were on hand to make sure that everyone was welcomed and found a good place to sit. Other brothers were involved in the event too; such as brother Eliazar, who was the official photographer of the event, brother Jet Valmonte who led the rosary for the procession, brother Rommel who led the team carrying the flags and brothers John Kai and Francisco Balce who helped carry the float with brothers Rome and Justin.

Special thanks to Sir Knights Mark, Elemer, John and Greg who showed up in full regalia and guarded the procession.

Here is a selection of the many pictures that were taken that day.