The call was urgent! Father Au needed to have the garden spruced up in time for Confirmation Mass the next day and so an urgent call for help was issued. 7 Knights responded and together with help from 2 landscape experts, we had the entire side and front yard of the rectory dug up and planted 15 trees! Kudos to brothers Sam, Patrick, Rommel, John, Ernie, Rome and Mark for showing up and working their hearts out.

With the heavy lifting done by Landscape expert Joe in his Bobcat and his capable assistant David, the Knights in their signature orange t-shirts dug out the grass and weeds and spread out 16 yards of mushroom manure and compost for the garden. To put things in perspective…1 yard will cover an area 108 square feet to a depth of 3 inches. So, 16 yards covers 1600 square feet. 8 to 10 wheelbarrow loads moves just ONE yard of material. God smiled on his Knights when Joe Stracqualursi of Total Care Service Contractors brought out his Bobcat!! And thanks to Joe’s friend David and his chainsaw, we managed to disintegrate 4 of the 5 stumps from previous trees. The last one was just way too big for us to remove. Mushroom Manure and compost mix was donated by Meadows Landscape in Pitt Meadows. Also, many thanks to Tony and Elsa who showed up from Our Lady of Lourdes parish to help plant the flowers. 

Father Au had this to say: Please convey my appreciation of all the dedication of the Knights of Columbus who put their back to manual labour today.  It is really great to see everyone together in service for the parish.

Brothers, you-all should be proud of your effort. These trees you planted will be a legacy that will stand in the parish rectory for years to come. Your children and maybe your grandchildren can proudly say, my father planted those!

So without further Ado, here are the pictures!