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The Knights of Columbus have received much feedback that the recent Parish Christmas concert was a runaway success!  For allowing the Knights to be a part of this year’s Christmas concert, the Knights would like to thank Choir Director Jeff Cabralda and all the Parish Choirs as well as the children and parents who made such a concert possible.  As co-sponsor, the Knights aimed to spread the message – Keep Christ in Christmas through this concert.

As for  the Knights’ Choir, a great many people commented that it was fantastic to HEAR and SEE so many MEN gathered together to lead the congregation in song! In today’s society, where men are all but marginalized, we, the Knights of Columbus stand apart to show our dedication to our Catholic faith and as examples to lead our families in worthy acts.  If you’re interested in joining our (quite literally!) merry band of brothers, please contact the Knights of Columbus at 604-468-8205 or click on the link Contact Us.