Welcome New Brother Knight Emerson Escano!

Congratulations and Welcome New Brother Knight (i) Emerson Escano! Kudos too to new brother knights  (ii) Garrett Hancott from All Saints Parish Council 5540 accompanied by Grand Knight and Dad Darren Hancott and  (iii) Ian Williams and (iv) Daryl Hosein of St. Michael’s Council 9246 with their Grand Knight John Cabana and Membership Director Enrico Garrone, and Financial Secretary, Alan Wardle.  Our District Deputy Brother Richard Aloysius also honored us with his presence and his inspirational talk (with the message:  What matters is what really is in your heart as a knight).  Each of our new brother knights introduced themselves and gave a glimpse of their lives as fathers or son and/or parishioners.

The Admission Degree team was composed of Bro Ernie Alcala as Grand Knight, Bro Joe Johnston as Deputy Grand Knight, Bro Mark Pan as Chancellor (who also gave a a nice “sermon”), Bro Patrick Grant as Financial Secretary and Bro Simon Tkaczyk as Warden, WGK Bro Darren Hancott of All Saints as Inner Guard and WPGK Bro Rommel Nocos as music master.  PGK and Treasurer Bro John Kai and Council Recorder Bro Rome Saratan were also present.  Congratulations to this degree team for a job well done, a stellar showing of teamwork at its best.

Special thanks to our insurance field agents Bro Richard Lee Wah and Bro Mark Pan for bringing a complete set of Admissions kit.

Click on picture above for more pictures!

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