Thank You, Fr. Thomas Arackal!

A Fitting Farewell for Our Outgoing Parish Priest Fr. Thomas Arackal

Spearheaded by Leona Chambers of our Parish Office, the St. Joseph Knights joined the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) and parishioners (current and former) of St. Joseph in a farewell drive-by for our outgoing Parish Priest, Fr. Thomas Arackal. The event took place last Sunday afternoon starting at 1:15 p.m. on July 19th, 2020. The drive-by was along Hope St and a short gathering followed at the parish grounds.

We treated Fr. Thomas to gifts, cards, posters, and balloons to wish him well on his next journey that will bring him to Kelowna on a mission assignment. We also thanked him for his dedication and commitment to St. Joseph Parish in his 5 years of service and his untiring effort to raise funds for Church Building. Fr. Thomas, in his farewell speech, asked for prayers for his safety and protection in his new mission.

All were treated to delicious chocolate and vanilla cupcakes, courtesy of Mary of CWL. Music and sound were provided by St. Joseph’s music director – Jeff Cabralda. The St. Joseph Knights set up the tents a day earlier, controlled the flow of traffic, and provided cold drinks. Although some pictures may refute it, there was a conscious effort to practice social distancing and wearing masks.

Once again, thank you Fr. Thomas. God bless you on your next mission. We will miss you. Till we meet again. So long.

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