Congratulations to St. Joseph Knights for the Columbian Award 2019!

District 28 Deputy awarded the Columbian Plaque to St. Joseph Knights Council 9846. Present Grand Knight Bro Joe Johnston accepted on behalf of Immediate Past Grand Knight Ernie Alcala.

An Invitation: Breakfast with Santa

The Knights of Columbus St. Joseph Council 9846 cordially invite you, your family and friends to …

Have a great photo with our dear old Santa (Photo Booth courtesy of EM Sager Photography).

Enjoy a sumptuous breakfast especially prepared by your Brother Knights. 

Have fun with your family, friends and parishioners.

If you attend 11:00 a.m. mass, please drop by the Portable before mass for your breakfast and photo with Santa.  

Please support your Knights of Columbus St. Joseph Council No. 9846!

Keep Christ in Christmas 2019: St. Joseph Christmas Singing Knights

On the First Sunday of Advent, the Catholic Church starts a new Liturgical Year.  This year, this day coincidentally fell on the first day December 2019, counting down 25 days to Christmas Day. Once again, it is time to spread the message – Keep Christ in Christmas!  Truly indeed,  Christmas is a celebration of the birth of our one and only Lord Jesus Christ.  Let it not be forgotten.

As now part of an annual tradition, the Knights of Columbus St. Joseph Council 9846 assembled the Singing Knights (Christmas Singing Knights or Christmas Knights) to promote the message of Keep Christ in Christmas and spread the spirit of joy, peace and hope that Jesus Christ brings to mankind.  The Christmas Knights promote this message through Christmas carols and storytelling at selected homes.

Last Saturday, November 30, 2019, just  a day before the First Sunday of Advent, the Christmas Knights, led by WGK Bro Joseph Johnston,  serenaded the residents of the Lakeshore Care Center and Madison Care Center, both near Como Lake in Coquitlam.  They sang familiar Christmas carols while the residents were encouraged to sing along, clap their hands, stomp their feet or dance.  Some sang along.  Some were teary eyed.  Some were just happy and smiling.  After each performance, the Knights went around to greet, shake hands and wish each person a Merry Christmas.

The Knights’ repertoire was selected to tell the story of the Journey to Christmas Day and to fit the all male singing group.  Favorite emcee Brother Knight Terry O’Neill provided a background of each song before the Knights sang each one of them.  Guitar accompaniment were provided by our musicians – Bro Michael Richard and Bro Mark Pan.  The songs included:  O Come All Ye Faithful; Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Do You Hear What I hear?; We Three Kings of Orient Are; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Mary’s Boy Child, The First Noel; Joy to the World; and Feliz Navidad.

In all of the practices and performances, the St. Joseph Knights had a great time for fun, fellowship and camaraderie among Brother Knights. After every performance, each Knight went home with a very memorable and fulfilling experience, bringing the spirit of Christmas back to his family – the domestic church and such was a great way to celebrate Christ in Christmas, more than enough reason to make the Christmas Singing Knights an annual tradition.

Next schedule will be on 1:30 p.m., Sunday, December 8, 2019 and Sunday, December 15, 2019 (details to be emailed) and at the St. Joseph Christmas Concert on Sunday, December 15, 2019.  All St. Joseph Knights, and their families and friends (who are Catholic men or Knights from other councils) are invited to join in this community activity.  Further instructions on time and venue will follow.

Click for more pictures:   Christmas Knights Photos

2019 Remembrance Day Knights’ Participation

The Knights of Columbus St. Joseph and St. Agnes Kim Councils at the Remembrance Day in Port Moody on November 11, 2019. led by Worthy Grand Knight Bro Joseph Johnston.

The Knights of Columbus St. Joseph and St. Agnes Kim Councils jointly participated in the celebration of the Remembrance Day in Port Moody on November 11, 2019. St. Joseph Council was led by Worthy Grand Knight Bro Joseph “Joe” Johnston and Worthy Deputy Grand Knight Bro Michael Robichaud. On behalf of the St. Joseph Knights, Bro Michael laid the wreath in honor of the veterans who died in the war. For more pictures: click link:

The celebration included the following:

Inter-faith & Non-denominational Service- 9:30am
Kyle Centre, 125 Kyle Street, Port Moody

Parade and Ceremony – 10:30am
Port Moody Arts Centre, 2425 St Johns St, Port Moody

Entertainment at Legion 119
SFU Pipe & Drum Band – 1:00 till 1:30
Heather Jolley Scottish Tartan Dancers – 2:00
Linda Szentes and the Jazz Links – 3:00 till 5:00
Inlet Jazz Band – 5:00 till 8:00

Congratulations to our New Officers of KOC 9846 St. Joseph for FY2019-2020

June 25, 2019, Port Moody — The Knights of Columbus St. Joseph Council 9846 in Port Moody installed its new set officers. The installation was presided by Worthy District # 28 Deputy Bro Richard Aloysius.

Leading the officers is new Worthy Grand Knight Bro Joseph (Joe) Johnston and new Worthy Deputy Grand Knight Bro Michael Robichaud. The following is the complete set of officers:

Executive Positions:

Grand Knight: Bro. Joseph Johnston
Deputy GK: Bro. Michael Robichaud
Chancellor: Bro. Edmund Toi
Recorder: Bro. Ernesto C. Alcala
Treasurer: Bro. John Kai
Advocate: Bro. David Ho
Warden: Bro. Michael Richard
Inside Guard: Bro. John Rochard
Outside Guard: Bro. Emerson Escano
Trustees: Bro. Denis Motut, Bro. Dennis Kwan, Bro Richard Aloysius

Appointed Positions:

Financial Secretary: Bro. Patrick Grant
Lecturer: Bro. Mark Pan

Congratulations to our new set of officers. May the Holy Spirit guide and inspire you to lead this Council for the greater glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Also present during the installation were Bro Richard Chia, who stood as proxy for our Treasurer Bro John Kai, Bro Rome Saratan (Immediate Past Recorder) and Bro Dan Oliver (Charter member).

The installation was followed with socials and fellowship. Bro Emerson Escano also gave an update of the Fundscrip Gift Card program and next Order will be collected in July 27-28, 2019. To make the pulpit announcements are Bro Joe Johnston , Bro Richard Aloysius, and Bro Mark Pan.

It was also suggested for Bro Joe Johnston to arrange the next Sushi Appreciation Dinner for Fr. Thomas Arackal in July or August 2019.

Congratulations, Bro Emerson Escano and Bro Jim O’Friel on your formation degree exemplification

On February 25, 2019, two of St. Joseph Knights – Bro Emerson Escano and Bro Jim O’Friel, were exemplified into the second (formation) degree. In this degree, our brother knights learned the principle of Unity. The ceremony was held at All Saints Parish Hall in Coquitlam. Congratulations, Brothers!

Keeping Christ in Christmas 2018

Last Friday, January 11th, 2019, the Knights of Columbus helped out in taking down the Christmas decorations in church that included two giant christmas trees, four smaller christmas trees and a Nativity Creche. The takedown culminated another good season of the celebration of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christmas officially ended on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

Our Christmas preparations commenced early in September 2018 when we started selling Keep Christ in Christmas car magnets and Christmas cards as well as preparing the songs, chords and books for the Keep Christ in Christmas carols of the Singing Knights. November 2018 was a month for practice for the singing knights (as well as the sale of Charity Appeal tickets and Christmas cards and car magnets).

At the onset of the Advent season, our Singing Knights went caroling to spread the message of Christmas – Keep Christ in Christmas. We sang Christ-centered Christmas songs at four seniors’ homes and participated in the Parish Concert. We are certainly glad we are continuing this annual tradition of our council for the fourth consecutive year. For more information, please click these links:

Our other Christmas activities included the following:

  • Set up of two giant christmas trees, Nativity Creche, 3 smaller christmas trees and Christmas lights at the St. Joseph Church;
  • Smile Card Fundraising Promotion for the holidays;
  • Bottle Recycle Promotion for the holidays;
  • Coats for Kids with the All Saints Knights Council;
  • Breakfast with Santa;
  • Marian Prayer Program: Our Lady Help of Persecuted Christians; and
  • St. Joseph Knights’ Christmas Party

Thanks to all St. Joseph Knights for your participation in our Christmas activities.

Hope you all had a Blessed Christmas celebration.

Congratulations St. Joseph Council 9846 for Star Council Award!

A Great Year for St. Joseph Council 9846 


Once again, St Joseph Council 9846 earned another Star Council Award for Fraternal Year 2017-2018.  This award is certainly an early Christmas Gift for the Council.  This award adds to the state awards that the council received during the State Convention — Best in Keep Christ in Christmas Program at both District and State levels and 30-year Anniversary Award.

This year has been great for our council. Highlight of course was the Dinner Gala and all other smaller fundraisers  for the church building fund (e.g. Bottle Recycle, Smile Card Fundraiser, Pancake Breakfast, Charity Appeal, etc.). 

Apart from that, we have helped in many church activities such as the Marian procession, Christmas decorations, Parish Picnic, Holy Week, Life Chain, Breakfast with Santa, etc.  We have run faith-based prayer programs such as 40 days for Life and Knights’ Marian Prayer for Persecuted Christians.  We have joined Patriotic celebrations such as Canada Day and Remembrance day as well.   Individually, many knights serve as ushers, choir members, ministers, lectors, etc.   The Singing Knights spread the Good News through Christmas carols at the seniors home and at the Parish Concert. 

Excellent work, all Brother Knights of St. Joseph!

Special thanks are in order for our committed knights most especially the following brothers who were awarded with Certificates of Appreciation for their contribution and dedication to the St. Joseph Council:  Bro John Kai, Bro Patrick Grant, Bro Edmund Toi, Bro Dennis Kwan, Bro Rome Saratan and of course, Bro Joe Johnston who was awarded Knight of the Year.

One of the programs being encouraged in the Knights of Columbus is the Family of the Month/Year that is aimed at identifying families who can serve as models in church. Our selection was based on a set of criteria provided by the Knights of Columbus and these families who we have identified several months ago meet the criteria with high marks.  Our Family of the Year is Bro Mark Pan and Family.  Family of the Month is Bro Patrick Arce and Family.  Both will be nominated to the State Council for family awards.

The awards were presented at an opportune time during our Christmas Party at the Burrard Public House in Port Moody last Wednesday, December 19, 2018.  We had a very good turnout of almost 30 people.   Thanks to all Knights who came with their families.  Copy the following link to your address bar for pictures during this Christmas event.

Merry Christmas! Remember Keep Christ in Christmas.  Vivat Jesus!

Ernie Alcala, Grand Knight


Remembrance Day Participation – St. Joseph Knights of Port Moody – November 11, 2018

St. Joseph (Port Moody) Parish Picnic September 9, 2018