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Keep Christ in Christmas!

Welcome to Council 9846’s Keep Christ in Christmas Competition page.

Sixty-three entries were submitted to our Christmas Poster “Keep Christ in Christmas” contest.  For us, that translates to 63 kids or teens in 4 schools and the surrounding parishes and more than 50 families focusing on CHRIST in the celebration of Christmas this year.   We fervently hope that the involvement of the schools and families in this contest will lead us to attaining our objective of spreading the true meaning of Christmas and that is the celebration of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Our panel of three judges comprising our pastor Fr. Richard Au, CWL head Louanne Richards and KOC Council 9846 Grand Knight Mark Pan had lively discussions and debates about which posters were the winners. After they had judged and placed the winners, it was the turn of the parishioners choice to choose which were their favourites!

And now congratulations to the winners!

Age 5 to 7
Winner: Francesco Murdocco
Message:  “Can’t Put a Price on the Love of Christ”
School/ Parish:  Our Lady of Fatima
Runner up:   Juanita Duque
Message:  “Don’t forget what Christmas is all about.” 
School/ Parish:  Our Lady of Fatima
Parishioners’ Choice:  Laura de Santa
Message:  “Joy! Keep Christ in Christmas”
School/ Parish:  Queen of All Saints
Age Group 8 to 10
Winner: Iris Lee
Message:  “ Jesus is 1st place.  Gifts are 2nd place.”
School/ Parish:  Our Lady of Fatima
Runner up : Camila De Giuli
Message:  “Keep Christ on Top of Your Christmas List”
School/ Parish:  St. Joseph’s Parish, Port Moody
Parishioners’ Choice:  Jacqueline Pan
Message:  “Keep Christ in Christmas”
School/ Parish:  Altar Server, St. Joseph Parish, Port Moody
Age 11 to 14
Winner:   Dave Brown
Message:  “Christmas or Christ -Mass?  People imagine Christmas like… But it really is…”
School/Parish:  Our Lady of Assumption
Runner up: Alicia Bremer
Message:  “Christmas isn’t Christmas without Christ”
School/ Parish:  Our Lady of Fatima
Parishioners’ Choice:  Faith Abigail Dodge
Message:  “Follow the star and it will lead you to our Savior.”
School/ Parish:  Our Lady of Assumption
Prizes will be  awarded on December 21, 2014 at the St. Joseph Parish Church. We strongly encourage the school of the winning entry to give recognition to the winning student at their respective schools.  If you wish the Knights of Columbus to participate in this recognition, we will be happy to be present. 
Again, thank you.  Spread the message – Keep Christ in Christmas!
Pictures of the winning posters:
 And more pictures, of the judging by the judges as well as the parishioners!

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