Building the NEW Marian Procession Float!

7 brothers showed up on Saturday to help build the new float for the Blessed Mother’s statue…in time for the Marian Procession this Sunday the 25th. Brothers Sam, Rome, Ernie, John, David, Denis and John had a great time as usual and the net result is here to see! Of special note, brother Ernie is not even a Knight yet, but will be attending his First Degree next Wednesday the 28th. Anyway, here are the pictures!


    • jet valmonte on May 22, 2014 at 8:51 pm
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    Excellent work, brothers!

    Thank you

    1. Yeah…the magnificent seven eh! Like they say, many hands make short work, and these guys did a great job in a really short time! We still need some 4 guys to help tomorrow, before the actual procession. John Rochard was saying that he wanted to make sure to test it so, if anyone wants to drop by Saturday morning about 10.00 am or so, please do show up!

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